About Pathway Homes

Pathway Homes of Florida, Inc. is a dedicated partner in the ongoing efforts to prevent and end homelessness in the community.

We partner with the Central Florida Homeless Services Network (HSN) to use funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Central Florida Foundation, Orange County, the City of Orlando and other public and private partners to move individuals from homelessness into permanent stable housing.

We provide services to chronically homeless adults with severe mental illnesses, substance abuse disorders and/or other co-occurring disabilities.

Mission Statement

Pathway Homes embodies the spirit of recovery: embracing an attitude of hope, self-determination and partnering with each individual and family on their personal journey toward achieving self-fulfillment and realizing their dreams.

We fulfill our mission by making available to individuals and families with mental illnesses and co-occurring disabilities a variety of non-time-limited housing and services to enable them to realize their individual potential.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to create a future in which all individuals and families with mental illnesses and co-occurring disabilities are able to lead meaningful, self-directed lives in a home of their choice with the supports and services they need

Statement of Values

In fulfilling our mission to provide the highest quality services and programs to adults with serious and persistent mental illnesses, we value:

Consumer Empowerment – We encourage choice and assist consumers of our services to assume increasing degrees of independent living, self- sufficiency and self-confidence.

Dignity –  We respect the inherent worth and dignity of all individuals and promote self-determination as an expression of self-worth.

Diversity – We respect individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs, and utilize the widest variety of talents, skills and viewpoints. We demonstrate compassion through caring, and appreciation and tolerance for individual choices, differences and needs.

Flexibility – We seek creative ideas and opportunities and develop dynamic and innovative solutions to challenges that arise. We offer an array of individualized services and programs which are responsive to the diverse needs of all individuals we strive to serve.

Integrity – The strength and quality of our programs and services rests upon the dedication, commitment and ethical behavior exemplified by our staff and Board of Directors.

Staff Empowerment – We promote and maintain a competent and satisfied workforce by respecting one another, recognizing each other’s achievements, and valuing our employees within a supportive environment which encourages professional growth.

Teamwork  Our ability to fulfill Pathway Homes’ mission is strengthened and enhanced through collaborative efforts towards our common goals and the participation of consumers, family members and service providers.

Pathway Homes embodies the spirit of recovery:

We embrace an attitude of hope, self-determination and partner with each individual on their personal journey toward achieving self-fulfillment and realizing their dreams.

Guiding Principles:

  • Recovery from mental illnesses is possible!
  • Pathways promotes individual rights.
  • We focus on the whole person.
  • We focus on the strengths of individuals.
  • Individuals are responsible for the solution, not the problem.
  • Pathways strives to eliminate stigma through advocacy, community education and social change.
  • We foster hope and self-determination.
  • Recovery must occur at the pace and direction of each person.
  • We partner with individuals to achieve their highest quality of life.
  • Pathways encourages individuals to identify mutual support systems that allow for the sharing of experiences, strengths and hope.
  • Pathways recognizes and supports the value of each person’s spirituality in the recovery process.