Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics embodies standards of conduct for all employees, interns, and volunteers of Pathway Homes. This code represents expected standards of ethical behavior in professional relationships with consumers, colleagues, employees, and with the community and society as a whole. I understand that providing services is a public trust that requires integrity, compassion, respect for individual differences, a commitment to services, a sense of dedication to the tasks, and a belief in the dignity and worth of human beings. In subscribing to and abiding by this code, it is understood that I view my ethical responsibility in as inclusive a context as each situation demands, taking all the following principles into consideration, and choosing a course of action consistent with the spirit and intent of this code.

As an employee, Board member, volunteer or intern, I will conduct myself in accordance with this code. I:

  • regard it as my primary obligation to respect the human rights of each individual served:
    – to be treated with dignity and respect
    – to receive services regardless of race, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ability to pay
    – to support treatment or program plans
    – to privacy
    – to confidential handling of records
    – freedom from harm and abuse
    – to receive services in a safe and clean environment
    – to ask questions and get help with rights
    – to have complaints resolved
  • shall provide an environment consistent with the dignity of each individual, and a quality of services consistent with the principles of humanity, understanding and compassion.
  • shall respect the confidentiality/privacy of the people I serve directly or indirectly.
  • shall demonstrate corporate citizenship by contributing to Pathway Homes’ efforts and activities which support the community in which services are delivered.
  • shall understand my private conduct is a personal matter except when such conduct compromises the fulfillment of professional responsibilities.
  • shall not exploit professional relationships for personal interests.
  • shall recognize my professional responsibility to learn, share, and remain current with emerging knowledge relevant to job responsibilities.
  • shall follow the guidelines of the respective certification, licensing, or regulatory body under which I am obligated to perform my professional duties.
  • shall recognize professional limitations, and work only within the competency areas for which I am qualified by training and/or experience.
  • shall take action through appropriate channels against unethical or inappropriate practices by any individual or organization involved with the clients I serve.
  • shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, marital status, political belief, mental or physical disability, or any other preference or personal characteristic, condition, or status, and promote and encourage respect for diversity.
  • shall be accountable for all statements and actions made as a representative of Pathway Homes.
  • shall never engage in dual relationships which present any sort of conflict of interest with residents or their families. Relationships should be friendly, supportive, nurturing, and caring, however, it is important that the relationship remain within professional boundaries.
  • shall not engage in any activities or relationships that could conceivably influence my judgement in handling Pathway Homes’ programs or that might present an unfair advantage to donors, program recipients, vendors, suppliers and contractors. Supervisory notification shall be made of all potential or existing conflicts of interest.
  • shall not engage in waste, fraud, abuse or other questionable activities and practices.


All staff and Board members are responsible to monitor compliance with the Code of Ethics. Reports of any violation of this code shall be reported to any member of Pathway Homes Management or the Pathway Homes Compliance Officer for investigation.