Dear Pathway Homes Supporters,

In just a matter of days, but mounting over weeks and months, we are now living in a historic moment for all of humanity. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of daily life across the globe, posing threats to our health, our economy, and our way of life as we know it.

Pathway Homes’ foremost priority is the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, supporters, clients and community as we navigate this unprecedented and unpredictable time. But in this time of crisis – as always – is opportunity. An opportunity to reflect on the resilience, or lack thereof, of our human systems. And now more than ever, we are collectively alert to those most vulnerable: the elderly and immunocompromised, employees across myriad industries impacted by closures and cancellations in order to flatten the curve, and of course, those who will have unique challenges to socially distance and shelter in place: those lacking shelter altogether.

We are all being impacted in different ways but try to imagine how scary it must be for our community members who are currently suffering from mental illnesses and/or homeless. They are at a higher risk for infection, but also infinitely more isolated in all the wrong ways. Many lack ready access to healthcare and have existing health issues that compound their susceptibility to the worst we have seen of this virus.

There is a call to action for Pathway Homes to provide the most basic needs of food, housing and mental health services to the most vulnerable! Costs are up to provide specialized and essential services. This pandemic has created an all- time high for the services provided by our agency, just at a time when fundraising events have had to be cancelled that normally raise money for the ongoing operations of our agency.

You can help. I know that for many, finances will become increasingly tight as long-term ramifications are unknown. I also know that we need to continue our services – adapted but uninterrupted – now more than ever.

Any amount that you can give today will ensure that we can continue to support and serve this segment of our population: bringing them resources and connection to survive, while also contributing to our shared efforts to address this momentous threat.

Amidst the uncertainty, hardship and fear, we are coming together in a way I have never witnessed. You can make a difference with every dollar. Will you consider a gift?

Together we are in this, and together we will overcome it.